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When the clients purchased the Greek Revival house it had been renovated, but did not reflect their idiosyncratic and whimsical style.  We reinterpreted every room to fit the client’s aesthetic while also honoring the house’s past.  Since the property used to be called Ash Grove, we commemorated its history and created a large ash flower and leaf stencil pattern throughout the meadow-green entrance hall.  On the dining room walls, we painted a mural depicting nearby Lake Waramaug in the 1800s in the style of Rufus Porter and modernized it by adding personal details.  All of the golden oak color floors on the main level were painted and then combed with hand-made tools for a geometric basket-weave pattern.


The reinvention was not limited to the outdoors.  The extensive gardens, which were low-key and restrained, took on a less structured, lively and unexpected form.  A smattering of antique sculptures, armillary spheres, quirky metal birds hidden in the shrubbery, and fiberglass Roman heads found in an old opera house were added to the landscape, which was allowed to grow and become more lush. 



Custom furniture: Stephen Piscuskus for York Street Studio (

Decorative painting: Lyndon Andrews (Toronto, Canada)

Gardens: Moira & Paul Sakren, Demeter Gardens (

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