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Located on the top floor of a pre-war building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the apartment has 3,500 square feet of interior space and 3,200 square feet of terrace.  Both the interior and exterior spaces were completely gutted and reimagined to take advantage of the unobstructed Hudson River and Midtown views.



Despite the incredible views, the interior space was dark and gloomy; tiny windows, brown wood and Mexican tiles were everywhere. We replaced the walls with a series of large floor to ceiling windows on all sides, making the view visible from virtually every corner of the apartment.  The clients only brought their diverse art collection from their previous apartment, which ranged from serious modern art to a life-size Superman, ceramic figures, and a coterie of unusual objects.  The challenge was to make it all work together.  We chose a simple palette of grays and soft whites and pumped it up with bursts of color in the kitchen and living room to balance all of the art.  Pale oak floors were installed throughout except in the bedrooms where they are carpeted for comfort.  The renovation resulted in a dramatic change.  The apartment is completely unrecognizable from its original provenance.  It is unassuming and brims with vitality and good humor. 


Architect: Julian Jacobs, Julian Jacobs Architects(

Onsite architect: Matthew Viederman (

Contractor: Yves Duboin, Duboin, Inc. (

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